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Help! I’ve Got Hot Spots!

Service-timeWhen you cool your home, it is not enough to do a decent job of it. You want your entire home cooled effectively, and that means that you’ve got to cool your entire home evenly. Unfortunately, this is something that homeowners sometimes struggle to do consistently. So what’s the problem? Well, as is the case with so many AC issues, there are a number of potential answers to that question. That is why working with professional AC repair technicians is so important.

If you are not able to cool your home evenly, then you simply are not going to be able to live in the level of comfort that we know you deserve. Do not tell yourself that it is normal to have hot spots throughout your home. This is only “normal” if you are not normally able to cool your home successfully! Working with our technicians can help you to avoid the inefficiency, discomfort, and system strain that can result from hot spots.

Has Your System Always Left Hot Spots?

If so, you could be dealing with a number of different situations. First of all, you may simply have an air conditioner that is not appropriately sized for your home. Hopefully this is not the case, as there is really no way to just make your system more capable of handling your cooling loaind. Replacing it with a properly sized system is the only course of action, which is precisely why hiring a professional that will do the job right the first time is so important.

Is It a New Development?

If so, you could have suffered damage of some kind to your ductwork. Maybe a hidden leak has led to corrosion of metal ducts, or pests have done a number on flexible air ducts. Whatever the case, having the compromised air ducts professionally sealed or replaced is the only solution. Don’t even think about picking up the poorly named “duct tape,” either. That won’t do the job at all.

Finally, you should have a professional assess the system itself for damages. You could have a refrigerant leak, for instance, that is leading to ineffective cooling. Maybe the system is able to cool air sufficiently to keep the areas nearest the air handler cool, but is failing to provide sufficient cooling for the further areas in the house. Essentially any problems with your AC could do real damage if given the opportunity, so it is important to have them resolved promptly.

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