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Ductless Cooling: Have You Made the Switch?

ductless-blowerWe want to preface today’s post by noting that we understand there is no single air conditioning system that is going to be ideal for every homeowner. If there were a universally perfect fit for every home and every homeowner, then there would not be so many different options available for purchase and installation. That being said, it is pretty tough to argue against the benefits of a ductless HVAC system. We’ll dive into those benefits further below (there are a lot of them to consider).

Before we do, let us also note that a ductless system, like any other whole-house HVAC system, is going to require a professional installation and ongoing services. When it comes to your AC installation, routine maintenance, or unexpected air conditioning repair in Johnston, IA, we’re the pros that you want on the job. Your comfort is too important—and our summers are too hot!—to take any chances with your home cooling system.

Ductless Doesn’t Mean Window Units

Some homeowners hear the phrase “ductless AC,” think we’re talking about window units, and tune out. We get that. Window units are inconvenient. They leave your home unsecured. And they’re noisy! The whole point of using a centralized cooling system is to cool your home with better results and without the hassles of window units.

But that’s not what a ductless mini split actually is.

A ductless split system is still a whole-house cooling system. Ductless mini splits use outdoor units connected to indoor units, just like traditional split central air conditioners. However, they do not use a single indoor unit and ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout the house. Instead, they use wall-mounted blower units to connect the indoor and outdoor components of this system.

How They Work (and Why It’s So Beneficial)

Indoor ductless mini split units contain a coil, the same way that the indoor unit of a split central AC or heat pump does. They connect to the outdoor unit with a simple conduit containing power, refrigerant, and drainage lines. They are all controlled independently of one another with their own thermostats.

By controlling each unit individually, you are able to customize comfort throughout your home. Gone are the days of cooling the house to one temperature throughout—and you don’t have to worry about zoning the system and the ducts as you would with a split central system.

Plus, because there is no ductwork that can leak, you don’t have to worry about leaky ductwork taking in heat and leaking conditioned air out. That helps you to save money while further ensuring your comfort and your overall satisfaction with your home cooling system.

Finally, you should know that ductless mini splits are, in fact, heat pumps. There are cooling-only models out there, but most homeowners opt for heat pump technology that allows the systems to reverse their operation and to heat their homes as well. Because this type of technology transfers heat, rather than generating it from scratch, heat pumps—and ductless systems in particular—are among the most efficient of all home heating options.

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