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Do I Need Professional Air Conditioning Repairs?

AC-unit-outdoorsDuring the hottest time of the year, you really need your air conditioning system to step up to the plate and to cool your home effectively and reliably. While we would love to install an air conditioner for you that is guaranteed to work properly at all times, this is simply not possible. While investing in quality equipment and having that equipment regularly tuned up by trained professionals will help you to get the best cooling experience you can, no air conditioner is perfect.

That is why you really should learn how to spot the signs that you need air conditioning repairs in Des Moines, IA. You see, the fact that an air conditioner is operational does not mean that it is operating properly. Most problems will not result in an immediate breakdown of your air conditioner. However, they can do very serious damage over time if given the chance. When it comes to repairing your air conditioner, swift action is always best.

Does Your Utility Bill Seem too High?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could run our air conditioners without having to pay for doing so? Here in the real world, of course, even the most efficient air conditioning systems cost something to run. If you’ve been in your home for a few seasons, though, you probably have a grasp on what a normal summertime utility bill looks like. Yes, you’ll see some fluctuation depending on temperatures and how much you use your AC.

However, any inexplicable spikes in your utility costs could indicate that there is a problem with your air conditioner that is causing it to operate less efficiently than it should. If this is the case, resolving the problem right away will help to keep your cooling costs in check while also helping to prevent unnecessary damages to your air conditioner.

Does Your AC Seem Louder Than Usual?

Your air conditioner is not going to work completely silently. You’ll hear the fan running and air being forced through the ducts, perhaps, or maybe the sound of the compressor cycling on depending upon the layout of your property. If you hear strange new sounds, though, or even just regular sounds that are much louder than usual, you should have the system assessed.

Fan belts could be loose or misaligned. Parts could have worked loose from the securings. Maybe there just isn’t enough lubrication on all moving components. Whatever the case, it is in your best interest not to ignore these types of sounds coming from your AC.

Does Your Air Conditioner Underwhelm in Performance?

If your AC is broken down completely, it’s fairly obvious that repairs are needed. Shy of such an occurrence, an AC that is blowing warm air is probably the most clear cut sign of trouble. Fortunately for you, we can resolve the problem. It could be relatively benign, mind you. You may just need to reset the breaker for the outdoor unit. If it’s tripped, the indoor fan may be running but distributing unconditioned air throughout the house.

If there is no such obvious solution, though, you’ll need to schedule professional services. After all, you could be dealing with something more serious, such as a refrigerant leak. Whatever the case, our technicians can handle the job.

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