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Are You Suffering from an Electrical AC Problem?

tech-and-homeownerAir conditioners don’t suffer from electrical problems any more than they suffer from other problems. The only difference is that it can often be hard for homeowners to detect an electrical problem, especially if they don’t have a background in HVAC technology or electrical engineering!

That doesn’t mean you should ignore an electrical problem when it pops up! On the contrary, in this blog post, we’re going to talk about some common electrical problems that can occur within an air conditioner so you know the signs to look for. Once you notice an electrical issue taking place in your air conditioner, you can call a team of professionals and better direct them to the source of the problem.

So, keep reading below and keep in mind that our team is always available to look at your air conditioning in Des Moines, IA.

Common Electrical Problems

Air conditioners aren’t just big fans that blow cold air into your home, they’re complex pieces of machinery that really require a lot of energy in order to operate. That means they’re full of wires, capacitors, contactors, and other pieces of electrical equipment that you’re better off keeping your hands away from. Problems can occur with this equipment and you’re better off calling a professional for repairs if you think you’re the victim of one.

Wiring Problems

There are wires all throughout your air conditioning system. Over the years they can begin to fray and corrode, especially ones that have any contact with the elements or outside weather. While this might not be much of a serious problem, since wires can easily be replaced, the serious part is noticing when there’s an issue in the first place. Pay attention if your system is having trouble delivering power from one part to another, the culprit could be a frayed wire!

Capacitor Issues

Capacitors are an interesting component of your air conditioner. They’re required for the system to start and to run, effectively being labeled as “start capacitors” and “run capacitors.” However, this means that when one of them is malfunctioning, your air conditioner could stop running altogether and start suffering from what seems to be a breakdown. It’s not entirely uncommon for homeowners to experience shutdowns because of a faulty capacitor, and this can sometimes be good news since a capacitor is relatively easy for a professional to fix!

Circuit Breaker Problems

So, your air conditioner draws a lot of power, which means it is usually installed with its own circuit breaker in your home electrical panel. When problems start to occur in your AC system, there’s a very real possibility that the problem could be the system is drawing too much power and causing the breaker to trip. If you notice any unbalanced electrical activity in your house, either with your AC that keeps shutting down or lights and appliances struggling to get the energy they need, then you could be dealing with a circuit breaker issue.

We can’t stress enough that these problems are always best left to professionals with the necessary experience.

Call the pros at Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for expert electrical work on your AC.

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