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AC Replacement: 3 Factors to Consider

AC-technicianYou don’t need us to remind you that the heat of summer is still off in the distance. Much as you may be done with winter weather at this point, it will be a while yet before warm, sunny days are the norm once more. So why are we going to be talking about air conditioning systems today? Because we’re not just talking about AC systems, but AC replacements. More specifically, we are going to give you some tips that will help you to determine if this is the year for replacing your air conditioner.

If so, then now truly is the time to start thinking about it. After all, it does not really make sense to put your air conditioning replacement on hold until you actually need your air conditioning in Altoona, IA regularly, does it? By scheduling your AC replacement ahead of time, you get access to AC technicians before the busiest time of their year arrives, and you ensure that you’ll have a great system up and running by the time the temperature starts to soar.

How Old Is Your Air Conditioner?

Don’t worry, we are not going to tell you that your AC has a set expiration date. If your air conditioner is operating properly and effectively, you do not need to replace it just because it is getting on in years. If you have a technician telling you that you should replace your system based on its age alone, you may want to reconsider who you’re working with and evaluate what their motivations are.

That being said, while AC age may not be the deciding factor in terms of replacing your system, it certainly is a valid factor to consider. Age will affect your air conditioner in a few different ways, just as it affects any mechanical system or, for that matter, person. Keep age in mind when considering the following factors to start looking at the big picture.

Is Your Air Conditioner Efficient?

There are a few reasons why your air conditioner may not be that efficient. The first ties in with system age,  as discussed above. First of all, the system may be old enough that it was simply manufactured with a different understanding of what constitutes “efficient” than we have today. It is also possible that your system would still be efficient by today’s measures, except for the fact that it’s lost some of its efficiency capabilities due to age.

It is also possible that your system is not that old, but that you sacrificed energy efficiency at the time of purchase due to budgetary constraints. This is a case in which, if you can afford to,  replacing a newer system makes a lot of sense. Yes, it’s a big investment, but it is one that can pay off in the long run in the form of energy savings.

How Reliable Is the System?

This is a big one, both on its own and as relates to age. If your air conditioner is quite old and it is now requiring semi-frequent repairs, it just may no longer make sense to continue investing in it. Even if the system is not that old, however, you should really cap your spending as far as repairs go. There comes a time and a price point at which replacement really does just make more financial sense.

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