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Common AC Problems: Blowing Warm Air

rising-thermometerWhen the heat of summer is at its worst, you need your air conditioner to really step up to the plate and keep your home cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, there is no way in which to guarantee that it is always going to be able to do so. All mechanical systems, including air conditioners, are subject to occasional operating problems. These issues are most likely to present themselves just when you really need your AC the most, so learning to recognize potential signs of trouble is very important.

Shy of a complete system breakdown, an air conditioner that is blowing warm air is probably the clearest sign that something is wrong with the system. If your AC is blowing warm air, there are a number of potential problems that could be causing the issue. Not all of them are serious, but there is a possibility that you are going to need professional AC repairs in Des Moines, IA. If you do, make ours the number that you call.

What to Check Before Calling for Repairs

As we mentioned above, there are certain causes of an air conditioner blowing warm air that really are not cause for concern. They certainly do not require professional services in order to be resolved. Rather than call out a technician whose help you do not really need, you should always rule out simple solutions before scheduling service.

One item to double check right away is your thermostat. It is possible that somebody adjusted the thermostat incorrectly, or even that it has been set to a “fan-only” mode. If this is the case, the system will be on, but it will just be circulating unconditioned air throughout the house.

You should also check to see that your outdoor unit is actually running. It is almost certainly working on a different circuit than the indoor unit, and its breaker may have tripped. That means the fan unit may be running, without any actual air conditioning taking place. You need only flip the breaker switch to get it back up and running if this is the case.

No Obvious Solution? Contact Us

If you do not see any obvious cause of the problem in your home, then you really need to contact our staff right away. Simply “putting up” with an underperforming air conditioner does not only leave you living less comfortably than you deserve to. It leaves your air conditioner in peril.

You could potentially be dealing with an issue such as a refrigerant leak, for instance. Your air conditioner is designed to work with a certain amount of refrigerant, and having too little in the system puts an immense amount of strain on it. You could wind up doing serious, and even irrevocable, damage to the compressor if you are running your air conditioner with a low refrigerant charge.

Whatever the problem may be, having it professionally and accurately diagnosed is as important as having it professionally repaired. We will make sure that the situation is resolved properly so that you can get back to living comfortably.

Schedule your AC services with the pros at Schaal Heating and Cooling.

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